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teresa H testimony

Teacher training is like pushing your reset button every month.

After that, everything is right in the world once again.

–Alma Davila

melissa P testimony

You always offer great ideas for our continued learning, but also ask us for input about topics we’d like to know about. This adds so much value to me.

–Mary McMahon

Salena testimonial

I was driving home from teacher training and feeling choked up because a whisper of a dream from 2007 is becoming a reality. I’m so happy I found you and your teacher training. It’s been an exciting journey learning the ins and outs of yoga and teaching and learning more about myself in the process.

–Liz Adolphson

treisha P testimony

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful training experience and great continuing education opportunities. I love connecting with an awesome group of yogis.

–Kenda Rosa

What I received were ways to break free of that desire to fold into myself! I’ve expanded my vision more than I could ever have imagined. Shannon believes in me and in all her students. Our one-on-one discussions are my favorite part.

–Judith Johnson


I’m a wife, mom, and teacher of yoga teachers, and I’ve mastered the art of squeezing-it-in (and I’m not talking about my yoga pants).

In 1999, I was where you are. I loved yoga and wanted to teach, but I couldn’t do all the postures. I didn’t bend and flex like others. I’m vertically challenged and have T-rex arms. I looked nothing like my yoga teacher or any of the other teachers I’d met.

There were no yoga schools so I had to ask my teacher (someone I greatly admired) to mentor me. SCARE-Y. She probably wondered what the heck I could bring to the table as a teacher, but I surprised us both.

That 5 minutes of nervous discomfort (and telling my self-doubts to shove it) led to me to a life I could never have dreamed of…and I had plenty of poopoo-ers along the way (and still do).

Since I started teaching yoga classes and mentoring teachers, I’ve racked up 10,000+ hours. But more important than my achievements are the successes of the teachers who chose to work with me.

  • 20+ yoga studio owners
  • 8 yoga training directors
  • 10 yoga & wellness biz owners
  • And too many teachers (who are still teaching) to count….

My mission has always been to bring the best yoga training I can to those who seek it (teachers and non-teachers alike), creating as much flexibility as I can for people to attend and to pay. My approach has allowed me to train an amazing collective of yoga teachers for the last FIFTEEN years.

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